Saturday, 12 May 2012


Why blog?

Why did I start to blog, back on the very first day I posted, I mentioned that recent events in the world of George Michael, mainly being admitted to ICU before Christmas had got me thinking about all the patients I have looked after in PICU, all the lucky ones like George who made it, and all the ones that didn’t. and I decided to keep a little blog to share how I feel and reflect on things and nearly 6 months on and 40 posts later.. Here I still am.

But I’ve come to reconsider this slightly, why do I actually blog, well to be honest, I used to trail the internet, desperately searching for a Nurse with Asperger’s syndrome, throughout my training and when looking for work, hoping to find someone in the same position as myself, why because I doubted myself, I nearly believed people when they said it wasn’t possible to be a nurse with AS.

So I blog because this is what I wanted to find back then, some sort of hope that maybe it is possible, someone to prove everyone wrong and prove that it is possible, and most of all some sort of support along the way.  But also to gain support for others, by raising awareness about the condition and how it personally affects me, Autism and Asperger’s affects everyone in different ways, and no two people are alike, just like everyone is individual and unique in the neuro-typtical world, no to people are every exactly the same.  But although we are not identical, we share common traits, and just because I have a condition and you may not, does not mean your any more normal than me, after all what is normal?  All that I ask, is for a little understanding, and if you don’t understand then just ask,  I don’t ask for any more compromises or adjustment to be made for me, well not more than those you expect to be made for you.

Anyway my point is kinda, I blog because I know what I went through in my nurse’s training and I want to help, I want to offer a little bit of help and support for those who need it along the way by sharing my experiences and spreading a little bit of an awareness about the condition.

Anything is possible, when you believe it true!

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